Data security requires both privacy of information and authenticity of the sender. Both can be supported by using certificates for encrypting and signing the data sent. Typical areas of use are emails, server access via the Internet and the creation of private networks (VPN).

Creating a web of trust by signing certificates is a central task of certification authorities (CAs). This is done by verifying the indentity of the certificate owner by traditional means (i. e. ID card verification) before signing the requested certificate.

Recipients of digitally signed messages can verify the signature by verifying the CA signature (sent as part of the digital signature), either individually or by declaring a general level of trust when importing the CA’s certificate. For instance, most browsers come with a rather large set of pre-trusted CA certificates.

To be able to handle the increasing certificate use within the company, NDE AG has created its own certification authority. To allow you to verify NDE server certificates and signatures that were created using NDE-issued certificates, we have made the NDE’s CA root certificate available to you for download. This way, you can import it into your web browser and email application.

For selected email addresses, we have made available the certificates required to encrypt messages to us on our contact page.