Cloud Computing

While “cloud computing” is a widely used term today and many advantages over traditional computing are already apparent, a full integration into automated systems management has not been discussed widely. Maybe it’s because “clouds” are typically about “self-service” and “user-driven”, but looking closer you can see that there’s another side to it: Closing the “media gap” in typical IT service deployment. By using the extensive and vendor-agnostic APIs of modern cloud solutions, deployment of new “servers” (called “instances” in the cloud environment) can be integrated into your existing automated work-flows without the current requirement of manual intervention.

As with any automation, the actual extend should be defined according to the actual needs, and even if you’re starting by using “private clouds” the traditional, “self-serviced” way, NDE offers the right support and know-how:

  • design and implementation of “private cloud” environments, based on OpenStack or its vendor-specific editions (i. e. “SUSE OpenStack Cloud”)
  • design and implementation of matching network infrastructures
  • design and implementation of supporting storage infrastructures, i. e. based on Ceph or its vendor-specific editions (i. e. “SUSE Enterprise Storage”)
  • designing a proper user rights management to match your “private cloud”
  • creating matching base images for easy integration of new “instances” into your existing or new systems management enviroment
  • connecting your automated systems management processes with your “cloud” infrastructure