SUSE Openstack Cloud

“Cloud Computing”, in terms of running your own “private cloud”, can help to optimize your computing center infrastructure and be very advantageous when outsourcing server management: By separating management of “computing power” (in other words, managing and operating the physical servers creating the foundation of your private cloud) from the use-case-specific virtual server instances, a very clear and homogeneous definition of tasks and responsibilities can be defined and put in the hands of an experienced operator. Responsibility for the usually very diverse environment of virtual servers (which can sometimes appear to be as manageable as a “bag of fleas”) can then either be split among case-specific teams or even be part of your DevOps setup, in-house or (for more standard cases) externalized as well.

The industry standard still is “Openstack”, and the market gives you a wide choice of products. One outstanding is “SUSE Openstack Cloud”, not only because it had obsoleted the “Rule The Stack” contest by winning year after year with the fastest working installation of an Openstack environment. What’s more, you still have full control over your private cloud and even do not suffer from any potential product withdrawal: Basically, you have a pretty standard Openstack environment, just supplemented by a SUSE-designed management station that helps you to install and maintain your physical cloud server environment.

Whether it’s assistance with the design or installation of your SUSE Openstack Cloud environment, integrating it into your systems management environment, creating operational procedures to employ your private cloud as a means of automatically deploying server instances for your day-to-day operations, or even if you’re facing the need to move on to the still available opensource version of Openstack: NDE offers years of experience both with SUSE Openstack Cloud and the open-source variant and will help you to establish and run a private cloud setup tapered to your needs.