SUSE Consulting

In case you’re looking for more than assistance while identifying and reporting a software bug, and would like to receive consulting services backed directly by SUSE, we’re available to help you with conceptual and implementation services, as well as individual training offers, in the name of SUSE Consulting.

When operating under this model, we’re fully integrated into SUSE’s line of business. Any sales and delivery negotiation will be handled by SUSE staff and any contractual agreements will be between you and SUSE.

We have supported numerous SUSE customers throughout all of Germany and are available for other European customers as well. So far, our “track record” covers “SUSE Linux Enterprise Server” (SLES, including SLES4SAP), “SUSE Manager”, “SUSE OpenStack Cloud” and “SUSE Enterprise Storage”. Due to many years of experience with very large customer installations, we have no problem covering mission-critical, multi-site installations with four-digit server numbers and accordingly large number of clients.