The Company

NDE AG is an IT consultant and independant software development company, based in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 2004, we’re known for our use of innovative technologies. We profit from continuous growth at a reasonable rate, which is mostly based on our skills and long-term solutions in the area of systems management and process automation.

Our highly skilled and motivated professionals guarantee high-quality process design and implementation, working closely with our customers and strongly incorporating our customers’ rules and goals. These professionals are the building blocks of our broad pool of knowledge, ranging from general IT infrastructure and related services (i.e. building and computing center setup and operation), data networks (LAN / MAN / WAN) including the corresponding protocols and services, UPS technology, environmental monitoring, (IBM-)mainframes, server and end-user systems, via operation systems (i. e. AIX, Linux, Microsoft Windows, mainframe), system-level application development (i.e. fully automated configuration of various subsystems or creation of middleware components) to user-level application development (fat / thin / web clients) in various programming languages (i. e.  Java, C/C++) and development environments. When it comes to pre-build software, we can provide both the core knowledge and extended experience required to build IT infrastructures on OpenStack, Ceph and Salt.

In close cooperation with our customers, we develop solutions that focus on increasing the efficiency of the existing IT operations environment. We create the management processes for their applications and systems and assist throughout the complete solution life cycle – solution design and implementation, ongoing maintenance, and (if requested) actual operations of the created systems. With our help, our customers receive the basis for highest quality of the IT services critical to their success. And of course, we can bring in our experience as consultants in IT outsourcing projects, too.