IT Operations

Availability, performance, ergonomics and individual customizations of standard IT products are key factors to successful systems management.

We at NDE AG are specialized on highly automated systems management of IT infrastructures, with focus on automated configuration management:

  • automatic reaction to changes in the IT environment
  • real-time updates of a true CMBD as an information source for all processes
  • automated generation of configuration parameters
  • integration of standard products for standard systems management procedures
  • automatic distribution and activation of configuration parameters to the supported components (servers, end-user machines, switches, system-level applications, end-user applications, etc.)

NDE AG’s solutions ensure just-in-time processing of all your business information and offer system-wide, integrated control of the IT infrastructure. In close cooperation with you and strictly following your priorities, we create an individual solution that provides up-to-date information about your infrastructure as well as follow-up systems working with that data, in an automated fahion.