Career opportunities…

…are not our strongest argument: In a company with a purposely flat hierarchy, climbing the ladder doesn’t bring you very far. We prefer to focus on a friendly (although technologically challenging) working environment and like to attract candidates that prefer “creating” over “climbing”.

We at NDE are constantly looking both for qualified experts and for new blood. Being a software company, our focus is on skills in the area of software development, automated systems management and web-based user interfaces. Other area of interest are “OpenStack” and “Ceph”.

If you are looking for a new position, feel free to send in your resume stating your key qualifications and abilities. We’d also like to know if you’d be willing to work at customer locations (and if yes, to what extend) and what you think would be a proper “monetary recognition” of your work. Please send in your application via email to

If you cannot find a matching job description on our site but still believe to be the ideal candidate, let us know and convince us. We just may have missed to see our own demand!