NDE AG sees itself primarily as a vendor-independent company, focusing on customer-centric solutions.

On the other hand, a great deal of our work relates to technical support for products from well-known and big manufacturers, not only based on our own competence, but in close cooperation with these manufacturers and their development and support teams. Where this happens over longer periods of time, partnerships evolve.

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OpenStack Cloud and more

NDE AG is one of SUSE Consulting’s well-established partners, covering their product ranges “SUSE Linux Enterprise Server” (SLES), “SUSE Manager”, “SUSE OpenStack Cloud”, “SUSE Enterprise Storage” and “SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications” (SAP4HANA). All of our staff has a proven record of expertise in more than one of these products, certified by SUSE in their respective areas. As a consulting partner, rather than being a sales partner, we support SUSE’s customers with product integration and implementation. But of course, supported by our in-house development team and their in-depth contacts with the SUSE developers, we’re able to assist in trouble-shooting (and even to provide software fixes) as well.

For years we’re been able to assist our customers during their implementation of IBM products, especially in the area of AIX, systems management and backup solutions. Our “IBM Business Partner” status provides the required accesses to software and information and helps when interacting with various IBM teams.

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The Future of Storage (TM)

Of course, there are many more well-established (but less formal) channels to other manufacturers as well. These stem from co-operation when handling complex technical situations at mutual customers, and leaves us valued for being a “know-how company” and bringing in a trusted neutral point of view.